HTML Shrinker Pro

HTML Shrinker Pro 2.60

HTML Shrinker PRO reduces files sizes for ease of transport and sharing

HTML Shrinker PRO is a software program designed to reduce the size of various script files as well as wap and script files. This process will allow your web or wap file to load faster, with less bandwidth and less space needed.

The HTML Shrinker PRO is able to reduce many types of files including HTML, SHTML, CSS, ASP and PHP to name a few. Also, this application can shrink xml code, Javascript, Perl and VBscript code.

The user can shrink single files or whole web sites with one mouse click. Automatic backups are made and there is an option to replace the original files with the shrunken ones.

HTML Shrinker PRO can achieve up to a 50% reduction in file size by removing unnecessary elements. The user can clean up HTML documents by removing all images, styles, scripts and font tags allowing for easy transfer to other devices.

The menu is very user friendly and offers quick access to the root folders of different web sites on their hard drive. The HTML Shrinker PRO is a useful tool for users who want to minimize files of many different applications to improve performance and transferability.

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